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the holy grail
pickup collection

6 Courses + 55 Hidden Cam Infield Pickup Demonstrations

(Yes, you read that correctly, 55)

Hey man, Aaron Alexander here. If you can relate to any of the following then I want you to keep reading:

if you answered yes to any of the previous questions then CONGRATULATIONS because today is the day you start living the life you want to live and dating the women you want

Welcome To

the holy grail
pickup collection

the ultimate collection of live demonstrations, science, and systems that make dating the women you want, SIMPLE

Today you will receive the following:

6 courses in 1 so you can become An expert in all arenas + 50 hidden cam demo videos

55 hidden camera LIVE pickup demonstrations

inside you will discover:

Why Is

the holy grail
pickup collection

The Best Dating Program Available On The Market Today?

The HGPC stands above and apart from every course on the internet today because most programs just TELL you what you need to do. Telling you what lines you can use when you go out and meet women is one thing but being able to actually SHOW you is a completely different story. Inside of The HGPC, on top of receiving hours of incredibly valuable instructional content, you are also going to receive 50 Hidden Camera LIVE Demonstrations SHOWING you how to go out and approach women during the daytime and in nightclubs.

These Hidden Camera Demos are the rarest among the rare. Nobody on the planet has such in-depth video demonstrations for you to learn from. In this program, you will instantly receive 50.

You will be able to SEE how I successfully am able to approach any woman in any situation and get her phone number. Men who have been able to see these demonstrations have told me time and time again that they have been able to watch the videos, do and say exactly what I say when they go out, and replicate the results. You’ll be able to watch these demonstrations and EASILY start dating the women you want.

Full program teaching and SHOWING you how to become an eXPERT at picking up girls from bars

here's a sample of what you will learn in this incredible 12 hour nightgame video program



*Not Having these items WILL cause what would have been a guaranteed lay, to slip through your fingers*

There is nothing more important on this planet than the caliber of woman you're able to date

Stop being a man who’s living in WANT and become a man who lives in HAVE.

Here’s the deal. Many of you are going to end up married or at the very least, in very long term serious relationships where children are involved.

There are men on this planet right now, and lots of them, who ended up with the wrong woman and it has ravaged their entire life. Whether it’s going through the grueling process of divorce or sometimes even worse, STAYING in an incredibly unsatisfying relationship that drains you day in and day out, your partner matters.

Most men end up dating the women they CAN get. I bet you’ve even ended up in a relationship where the entire time you thought to yourself “I wish I could do better.” These relationships will drain the life force out of a man. You end up resenting the person you’re with and even worse you end up resenting yourself.

You need to be with beautiful, feminine women who support YOUR MISSION. Who are always dying to see you, to have sex with you, to be there for you when you need them but to also have a life of their own that you can be a part of as well.

When you start applying everything you learn inside of Dating PhD, you will now enter the top 1% of men in the world. You will be able to date WHO you want WHEN you want IF you want.

You will now be in complete control of your destiny. Your future. You will choose women from a place of abundance instead of clinging onto anything you can get.

The Dating PhD Ultimate Dating Blueprint is designed to be the most detailed and thorough dating program on the planet.

As a seasoned veteran of the game, somebody who has slept with hundreds of women, dated many, and has coached thousands of men around the world, NOBODY understands how to seduce women to the level that I do.

Each individual section of this program is it’s own FULL BLOWN SEMINAR where we skip over NOTHING.

Lots of men who follow me are incredibly intelligent and have extremely analytical minds. The more they understand something, the easier it’s going to be for them to implement it. If you can relate to this, then you’re probably someone who wants to be able to FULLY comprehend a subject instead of just receiving a 5 minute blurb about it.

The Dating PhD Ultimate Dating Blueprint Leaves no stone unturned.

The Keys To Confidence will breakdown and give you all of the tools you need in order to become a truly confident man capable of taking what he wants in this life. This one seminar module will take you from wherever you are now to being able to logically and emotionally approach any woman in any situation. 

Inside of the Product And Marketing Seminar you will discover that game is very similar to business in that you must create the BEST PRODUCT possible and MARKET THAT PRODUCT as effectively as possible. I dive deep into how you can quickly and easily become the most attractive version of yourself and how to start immediately marketing yourself to the beautiful women you want to date and CLOSE THE DEAL

Part 1 of The Product And Marketing Seminar covers in depth how to easily become the most attractive version of yourself overnight. In Part 2 we take a DEEP dive into the fundamentals of how an attractive man BEHAVES when he starts putting himself out there to women. What to say. How to say it. Where to go to meet women. Strategies to easily and smoothly get phone numbers. It’s ALL coveredhere.

Imagine right now there were 5 women you were texting and you wanted to ask them out on dates. Now imagine that you’re texting 100 women. Which scenario do you believe would improve your chances of success? You got it. Inside of The Lead Funnels seminar I am going to show you how to quickly and easily 10X the amount of women you are communicating with so that your chances of hooking up with one of them also goes up by 10X. Optimizing your lead funnel is one of the fastest ways for you to instantly start dating the women you want.

All beings are composed of Masculine Energy and Feminine Energy. Men are primarily composed of the Masculine and Women of the Feminine. Being able to seduce women and to lead successful relationships requires you to be a man who harnesses his Masculine energy. This Seminar will show you how! On top of that, you will discover what a woman’s Feminine energy is desperately craving from you so you can behave as and become the most masculine attractive man possible.

Your actions, your behaviors, the way you view the world, the way you perceive events on a day to day basis… this is all determined by your mind. You are truly living in the reality that you choose to live in. After coaching hundreds of men in person, I have discovered that 99% of the time, a man’s mind is whats holding him back from greatness. This seminar is going to show you how to create a rock solid, diamond mind that will have you feeling confident and sure of yourself day in and day out.

I put together a one hour presentation where I packed in everything you need to know about Daygame. DEEP concepts that only pros will be able to understand and beginner lessons for everyone that will help to get the ball rolling. I’ve slept with so many girls over the years that I’ve met in grocery stores, on the streets, and in malls. Daygame is so powerful because you can truly get to a point where throughout your every day life, you’re talking to girls you find attractive and you’re able to hook up with them. This daygame deep dive presentation will show you just how easy it can all really be.

So you’ve gotten her number, you’re texting, and now… The FIRST Date. Ever hear those stories where people say “I knew on the first date I was going to spend the rest of my life with this person”? Well, this is one of the most important aspects of dating and NOBODY will ever break it down to such detail as I do in The First Date Masterclass. From where to go, how to sit with a girl, what to say, how to get physical allll the way to closing the deal… This Module has it. Right NOW you’re making fatal errors on first dates that are killing your chances with these women and that all ends today.

It might seem like this is out of place, but I assure you it is not. I’ve worked with so many guys over the years now who are struggling with physical energy, motivation, feeling like they don’t have enough time in the day. I used to feel the same exact way. I would work all day long pounding coffee only to be wired at night unable to sleep and waking up even more tired the next day. I became obsessed with optimizing my sleep and now I want to share with you everything I do and have learned through countless hours of research that allow me to sleep like a king every single night and be incredible productive every single day.


When I first got into game… all I had to go off of was motivational speeches about WHY you should go out and talk to girls. They would fire me up but once I got out into the field, I would just freeze up and realize I truly had no idea what to do. I felt completely lost and would pretty much just walk home feeling defeated. Maybe you can relate…

The Lost Tapes provides 16 hidden cam infield demos for you to watch and replicate. There is no greater learning resource in the world than being able to watch me apply the principles you’ll be learning throughout this whole program. So many guys over the years have told me that watching these demos has skyrocketed the amount of women they’re able to hookup with because the demos provide such a clear road to success.

STOP swiping aimlessly for months without getting dates - OGD has you covered

OVER 30 VIDEO breakdowns showing you how to crush it using online game + how to text like a pro





THRIVE Daygame is my life’s work. This is the program I might be the most excited for you to gain access to today.

THRIVE is my complete program showing you and teaaching you simple strategies that ANYBODY can use to go out into the world meet beautiful women during the daytime. 

The Purpose of THRIVE is to get you to a point where you’re so confident and smooth with approaching women during the day that you’re able to start integrating int into your life in a way that allows you to approach women anytime, anywhere.

THRIVE comes complete with 10 hidden cam pickup demonstrations so you can WATCH and REPLICATE exactly what I’m doing in the field so that you can start confidently approaching gorgeous women anytime, anywhere.

Daygame is a super power. You’re performing alchemy. Going into everyday situations with complete strangers and turning coal into gold. Turning a woman you would have otherwise never talked to, into somebody you’re sleeping with or even dating. THRIVE Daygame will take you from being nervous even READING THIS RIGHT NOW… to a man who sees what he wants and goes for it!

Ready To Learn How To Have Better Conversations, better dates, and How To turn women on with your words?


Have you ever been on a date that you really wanted to go well but the whole time everything just felt forced and boring? I know I’ve definitely been there.

Do you ever gather up the courage to go and talk to a girl but you struggle to keep everything smooth without constantly running out of things to say?

Do you ever feel like when you’re speaking to a woman or maybe even at work or with friends that people just aren’t really paying attention to you?

You’re not alone. This is easily one of the number one sticking points so many guys have. I realized when I started coaching full-time that so many of my students were struggling with conversation skills. 

Inside of Dating PhD you will have access to my FULL course, ENGAGE, The Art Of Having Engaging Conversations With Women. Inside of ENGAGE you will find all of the modules listed here AND 15 Exclusive Hidden Cam Demos in bars and daytime settings. 

You will learn:


ENGAGE Includes The Following Instructional Content as well as 15 exclusive hidden cam demo trainings

Meet your new coach

Expert Dating Coach

Aaron Alexander


Hey man, my name is Aaron Alexander and I have completely transformed the lives of thousands of men around the world. Men who have taken my programs have been able to get the girlfriends they want, hookup with the girls they want, and in some cases, even marry the woman of their dreams. 

Not only that but I personally, have completely transformed my own dating life by going from a fat awkward goofy class clown kid that couldn’t get laid… to now sleeping with hundreds of gorgeous girls and having every type of romantic relationship I’ve ever wanted.

By the time I got to highschool, I was insatiably horny. I wanted to hook up with hot chicks or at least get a girlfriend. A lot of my friends actually started dating girls, making out with them at parties, and even hooking up when we were all 13. I felt SO left out. I had so many crushes on so many girls at my school and even in my neighborhood and time after time again I would say my friends or guys I knew hooking up with those same girls. MY GIRLS (or at least that’s how I felt)

I would see these girls I wanted SO badly dating guys that I thought were complete LOSERS and I would thing to myself “what the fuck is she doing? Doesn’t she know how well I would treat her? Doesn’t she know how nice I would be to her if I was her boyfriend? Why does every girl I like choose somebody else?”

I never would even tell girls that I liked them more than a friend because I was terrified of rejection. Then when I would finally get the courage to tell them and I would get rejected, it would absolutely devastate me. This continued all the way through high school and long after. After highschool I became a full blow degenerate alcoholic and I went from always being kind of chubby to now being extremely obese with terrible acne. My whole life was in shambles. I was going to community college so I wouldn’t feel like a loser and just getting wasted constantly.

Yes, this was really me. 22. 290lbs. Tons of acne. Zero Confidence. In my basement.

I was completely lost in life and ended up going through severe bouts of anxiety and depression which I then would treat with alcohol, thus making it all so much worse. 

I genuinely just had given up on women. I lost my virginity to a girl I was NOT attracted to just before my 20th birthday. I had reached a point where I basically just thought to myself “well, I guess I’m just gonna be the guy who hooks up with a fat girl every once in a while and then hopefully when I’m older I’ll be able to convince one to marry me.”

Completely hopeless.

I was now 22 years old, I was 290lbs still drinking non stop, smoking cigarettes in my basement. Riddled with depression, extremely anxious, and genuinely waking up in the middle of night panicking wondering “where the hell is my life going?”

then came my life transforming shift

My buddy Sam, who’s still one of my best friends to this day, always used to try to motivate me and help me to get out of the rut I found myself in. He sent me a YouTube video that was all about how to get out of depression. I watched the video and I noticed that in the video, the guy who was talking kept casually mentioning “when I’m out at the bars picking up girls” or “now that I’ve learned how to date beautiful women” so I got curious and wanted to see his other videos…. 

BOOM! I discovered that you could actually LEARN to get women. I could LEARN to go out and get the one thing I desired the most. 

I was instantly HOOKED and I started going out the next day and it was ROUGH. Truly I had barely any guidance as to what to do so I had to start developing my own systems.

I caught glimpses from time to time into what COULD BE. I would maybe at least hold a conversation with a girl. I would possible even make a GORGEOUS girl laugh. A girl that I would have never even had the courage to talk to previously. I went out CONSTANTLY. Sometimes even getting phone numbers and then eventually, a couple dates.

I completely dedicated my entire life to getting good at game. All I ever wanted to do was game, talk about game, and go on dates with new chicks. It consumed my life and after years of trial and error, getting broken and beaten down, I finally started to get really really good and everybody around me noticed. One day a kid from my area hit me up and said “hey man, would you ever do coaching with me?” and it was game over. I became a coach and discovered that no matter how much I PERSONALLY love game. My truest calling has always been to share what I’ve learned and to change the lives of other men who struggled as much as I did. Men struggling just like you. Dating PhD is my life’s work. 10 Years in the making. Countless hours of filming hidden cam demos, editing them, countless days and nights in the field. I created Dating PhD so that you don’t have to spend years and years of your life confused. You can get good fast by learning from my successes and more importantly, my failures.

On top of these 6 incredible programs

When you signup today, you will also receive:



“Bro, I literally got laid by using everything you said in the closers masterclass last Thursday.” -Matt, TN

Inside of The Closers Masterclass 1 Hour Video Demo, me and one of my girls walk you from beginning to end, on how to lead and direct a girl once you get her home in order to make sure you seal the deal.

We SHOW you step by step how to close once you get her to your room based on the variables around what we teach you on HOW to get her IN your room.

This program ALONE will skyrocket your results forever.

$297 value


This full one hour seminar program was shot in Los Angeles, CA and will breakdown + simplify virtually everything you need to know to get the women you desire most. People told me after the seminar that this one night changed their life forever. It will change yours too.

$197 value


This is what I wish I had SO BADLY when I was first starting to bring girls over. You have no idea how valuable this will be to you. So many items you wouldn’t think to have at your house in order to set the mood, but not only that. We also dive deep into what you need to have in your bedroom to make women feel comfortable and ALSO what to keep in the bathroom. You will literally use 

$197 value


This incredible program features 3 coaching programs with students including their infield so you can watch and feel like you’re on one of my live programs. You can see how I help students to overcome their fear and take action! 

$197 value

Thats A Grand Total Of $885 Yours Today For 100% Free When You Signup For The Holy Grail Pickup Collection

$885 value

$297 value

$997 value

$497 value

$497 value

$497 value

$497 value




My mission on this planet is to save men around the world from loneliness, depression, and even suicide

I believe with every ounce of my being that if I can get this program into the hands of men around the world, that I can save lives, make an impact, and help men everywhere, just like you, have the relationships they desperately desire.

Although the monetary value of this program is $3,967 I truly believe that being able to date the women you want is priceless. I don’t want to see a single man grow old without love in his life. I don’t want to see a single man have to walk his journey alone.

I want YOU to have the sex, love, and relationships that you desire. These sexual and romantic relationships will give you the support, the peace, and the zest for life that I believe every man deserves.

Nothing is more important to me than getting Dating PhD into the hands of every man on the planet who’s struggling to find the love he deserves.

So today, I’m going to make that possible.



for an extremely limited time, You will not pay


To make sure every man who wants change can access this program, you will not pay


BUCKLE UP, Today is the day you say "yes, I'm finally ready to take what's mine in this life"

I'm so confident that this program will deliver you more results and better content than any other program on the planet that I am proud to offer you a 100% cash back 30 day guarantee!

If you don't receive any of the promised materials or feel like this program wasn't worth it then we offer a 100% money back guarantee!


  • 55 Hidden Camera Pickup Demonstrations
  • PULL: A-Z Nightgame Course
  • THRIVE: Complete Daygame Program
  • Dating PhD Ultimate Dating Blueprint
  • ENGAGE: Complete Course Teaching How To Turn Women On With Your Words
  • Online Game Decoded: Full Online Game/Texting Course
  • BONUS: 10 Commandments Full Seminar Program
  • BONUS: The Closers Masterclass
  • BONUS: Bootcamp In A Box
  • BONUS: Pull Location Checklist


  • 55 Hidden Camera Pickup Demonstrations
  • PULL: A-Z Nightgame Course
  • THRIVE: Complete Daygame Program
  • Dating PhD Ultimate Dating Blueprint
  • ENGAGE: Complete Course Teaching How To Turn Women On With Your Words
  • Online Game Decoded: Full Online Game/Texting Course
  • BONUS: 10 Commandments Full Seminar Program
  • BONUS: The Closers Masterclass
  • BONUS: Bootcamp In A Box
  • BONUS: Pull Location Checklist
  • The Obsessed Workshop: Full 4 Hour Training With All My Dark Secrets For Making Women Fall Madly In Love With You ($197 Value)
  • 20 BONUS Hidden Camera Pickup Demonstrations ($497 Value)
  • Exclusive 1 on 1 - One Hour Coaching Call With Aaron Alexander ($400 Value)
  • 10% Off ANY 2022 In-Person Coaching With Aaron Alexander ($200-$1000 Value)

the holy grail
pickup collection


We want EVERYBODY to be able to have access to this incredible program. We know that sometimes, even when you're craving success, finances can get in the way. If you want to setup a payment plan just send an email to titled "Payment Plan" Include your phone number in the email and a member of our team will reach out shortly.

Yes, these 50 hidden cam demos are an absolutely game changing way for you to learn. It's one thing to hear what you should be doing in the field but it's a whole different ballgame to be able to actually SEE it. 

The offer may sound too good to be true but it's not. 

If that's the case, email us at with the subject: dating phd inquiry

Send the name of the course or courses you've already purchased along with receipts and you may be eligible for a discount.

The discount will only be eligible for 24 hours after we have emailed you back with the offer.

YES. Dating PhD will work exceptionally well on any and all mobile devices, tablets, and desktops computers on iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows.

Yes! The quality of this product is absolutely 100% guaranteed! We have a 30 day money back guarantee.

All you have to do is let us know that you tried putting the teachings into action for at least 10 days and you got absolutely no result or benefit and we will refund you in FULL! That is how confident we are with the quality of these teachings.

YES. In order for The HGPC to work for you, you must put in the work. If you follow this entire program to a tee, there is no reason whatsoever why you won't be able to get better results with women.